[Teams] Workflows directly in Teams

Hello everyone,

It is pretty new but you have now Workflows directly in Microsoft Teams 🍾😁

This can help you to automate some of your workload in Microsoft Teams !

Here are some examples that you can already use :

You have, for instance :

  • Welcome new team members : This workflow can help you send a welcoming message to every new team member
  • Schedule a message : This workflow can help you schedule a message to deliver it at the good time
  • Create a Planner task when a channel post starts with TODO : This workflow will trigger each time a message on a channel start with TODO, it will automatically create a Planner task
  • Notify a team of a new SharePoint list items : This workflow will automatically post a message to a channel every time a new item is created in a SharePoint list

For more information : https://powerautomate.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/automate-your-work-day-with-workflows-in-teams/

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