[PowerShell] GA of PowerShell Crescendo

Hello everyone,

GA of PowerShell Crescendo has been announced yesterday.

If you didn’t heard about Crescendo, it is a « a development accelerator enabling you to rapidly build PowerShell cmdlets that leverage existing command-line tools. »

The GA includes these keys features :

  • Define cmdlets from simple key/value statements in a JSON file
  • Support for modular design – cmdlet definitions can be in a one or more JSON files
  • A JSON schema that helps you create your Crescendo configuration using IntelliSense and tooltips
  • Three styles of output handling code allowing you to separate your code from the cmdlet definitions for easier debugging and development
  • Privilege elevation mechanisms in WindowsLinux, and macOS
  • Crescendo generates a PowerShell script module ready for deployment
  • While Crescendo requires PowerShell 7 or higher for authoring configurations, the generated module can run on Windows PowerShell 5.1 and higher
  • Example configurations for you to copy and reuse
  • Experimental Help parsers that provide proof-of-concept examples for auto-generating cmdlet configurations

For more information about Crescendo :

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