[Outlook Tip] Delay email delivery by 2 minutes

This tip does not apply if you use Outlook web (there is an embedded parameter that you can use to undo sending an email)

We’ve all been through a situation where we’ve sent an email that we hoped, seconds after sending it, we’d never have send. But, you’ve hit the Send button on your Outlook client and it is too late …

It happens to me multiple times (to clients, colleagues, wrong recipients) before I decided to configure a 2 minutes delay on each email I sent to someone. This delay allows me, in case of a mistake in the email I just sent, to go to my outbox and be able to make the changes.

Follow this procedure if you want to configure this option in the Outlook client (for Windows only)

Create a new Outlook Rule :

  • Click on the Home part of the ribbon
  • Click on Rules
  • Click on Manage rules and alerts…

  • Click on New Rule …

  • Click on Apply rule on messages I send

  • Click Next on the first window (and click Yes on the pop-up saying This rule will be applied to every message you send. Is this correct ?)

  • Select defer delivery by a number of minutes, click on a number of minutes in the lower part and enter the number of minutes you want to delay the delivery (2 minutes for me)
  • Click Next on the next screen
  • Give a name to your rule and click on Finish

For now, every email you sent will be store in the Outbox folder for 2 minutes before being deliver to your recipient(s).

I’ve used this rule for now 3 weeks and it already saved me from :

  • Multiple forgotten attachments
  • Email sent by clicking on Reply All instead of Reply

Do not hesitate to give your feedbacks in the comments !

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